NPORS Telehandler Suspended Loads

To provide you with a thorough understanding of the relevant operational and safety requirements applicable to suspending loads using a telescopic handler  for operators within the construction industry and allied environments.

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1- 2 Days *

Course Objectives

  • Gaining a basic understanding of the industry, the dangers of working in the industry and responsibilities as a plant operator.
  • Being able to conform to manufacturers requirements as per technical data, and conforming to relevant regulations and legislation.
  • Being able to locate, identify and explain Safe Working loads, Lifting capacity chart and explaining how the manufacturer may reduce the lifting capacity when moving a suspended load, different lifting configurations and working ranges
  • Identifying and explaining different lifting procedures, explaining what task could fall into each category.
  • Identifying and explaining centres of gravity and calculating estimated weights of loads.
  • Identifying any overhead / proximity hazards.
  • Being able to agree the signal codes / hand signals, direction of movement, safe working and safe landing placement zone with the Slinger / Signaller.
  • Ensuring the Telescopic Handler is in a safe condition and that attachments are fitted correctly
  • Checking load integrity and security.
  • Being able to lift and move a load to a designated position in a safe and controlled manner, ensuring minimum uncontrolled movement.
  • Environmental considerations.
  • Carrying out all out-of service and securing procedures.
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